Thursday, June 7, 2012

100 km to 1 mile

Has anyone seen my fast twitch muscle fibres? I'm sure I used to have some but I seem to have misplaced them while training for the 100k race. I did nothing much running wise the week after tnf then did a few easy runs the following week and have just started to get back into it this week. Completed a couple of sessions with the squad, 45min tempo on Tues where I managed about 12.3k at 3:37 pace without destroying myself and yesterday was the 10 by 400m off a rolling 2min. Eased into them running behind  Bartlett with Timmy also going pretty well. Times were 74, 72, 72, 72, 71, 71, 71, 69, 69, 69 so happy enough with my first fast sessions for a while. I guess there are a few fast twitch fibres left which have been surviving off a few sprints to the train station over recent months.

Next race up is the City Mile (probably closer to 1500m in reality) on the 15th where the HuRTS team will try and defend our title, probably not in great mile shape to be honest but should be fun, I'll just try and beat Tom, that's all that matters really.

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