Monday, September 3, 2012

Off we go

I'm writing this while looking out of my hotel room at where the snow-capped peak of Jungfrau is but is currently hidden by clouds. Sydney, Seoul, Franfurt flights then the train brought me to Interlaken yesterday and I immediately went out for a 1 hr run along the riverside and lake. Amazing scenery, huge lake surrounded by mountains, I was last here about 10 years ago so it's been good walking around seeing what bits I remember.

This week is supposed to be an easy taper week, my last session in Sydney was the HuRTS 10 by 400m at Rushcutters which I pushed hard and it was probably the best I've done. Was stuffed afterwards so that's a good sign I pushed it. Link is here 400s.
Woke early today so went out for a run even though it was still pretty dark. I was going to run easy all week but decided to do a crazy hill run instead, I blame the hotel owner for thinking disparraging thoughts about Aussies running in the mountains. He may well be proven right after next Sunday but I had to make a point. The climb is about 3.5km long and rises about 800m so it was tough, took me about 35mins and I managed about 12km all up. It was a tough descent too so I'm sure I'll feel that tomorrow.

I caught the train out to Lauterbrunnen and walked up to Trummelbach falls, spectacular. The race goes this way up the valley before the main climbing starts so it was good to see some sections. The course and start area are being setup in town, just in front of Hooters, another part of the great scenery the course is known for.

Off for a massage soon, the sign strictly says "No erotic", does that mean they don't offer it or they aren't capable?


  1. Mate, you can but ask to find out.
    Good luck for the race. Is it Sat 8th?

  2. Womens race is on the 8th, mens is 9th. At least I won't get chicked!

  3. Good Luck mate, Now into September and you still haven't wrapped up the HuRTS Performance of the Year yet ? Tipping a big one from you :)

  4. Any fear of a race report Tucks, or are you still stuck in that massage place ?